Visualizing the XKCD comics network using Google Vision, spaCy and d3

You were expecting a funny alt text right?

I love XKCD. According to their website, the webcomic is about romance, sarcasm, math, and language, but after so many years, Randall Munroe explored many other topics as well. Some of them more than once.I wanted to know the structure of this fantastic stick-figure world he created, so in my spare time I scraped all … Read more

spaCy vs NLTK

spaCy vs NLTK tokenisation. spaCy is much faster

While working on my Slack bot that knows how to transform business questions into SQL and answer back, I found myself comparing the 2 most used Python libraries for natural language processing: spaCy and NLTK. Here are some differences I found — with examples. I used this lyrics dataset from Kaggle — I recognize about … Read more

Automating the boring stuff: simple questions about data


10 days after joining fromAtoB, in September 2019, when I was still living in a hotel, we decided to restructure our Google DataStudio dashboards. The goal was to help people understand what questions could already be answered with a chart. Simple, repeated questions about the data should not be manually answered every time they are … Read more

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